How would Fracking affect Organic Certification?

I have been asked about how Fracking would affect Organic certification. I found this short article/post  which seems to suggest that the two are fairly incompatible!

All credit must go to The Frack Free Food Alliance. Please Check out their Facebook Page.

(The Soil Association)……… “do not have specific

organic standards on fracking, but I have included the standards which

would be relevant if an organic farm was near or on a fracking site.


We may extend the conversion period, or decide that your land is not

suitable for conversion, if your land has been contaminated by:

•environmental pollution, for example from factories or heavy traffic

•previous applications of sewage sludge, or

•residual pesticides.

3.7 External contamination

3.7.1 You must tell us if you know or suspect contamination of your crops or land.

Controlling water pollution

4.5.48 You should:

•have measures to separate water polluted by wastes, manures, silage and compost leachate

•use bio-filters in dirty water, manure and water management systems

•drain your milk tanker loading sites into the dirty water system

•regularly monitor your soil, ground and surface water for contamination where you use irrigation or potential pollutants that we allow.

Note – the contaminants you should monitor will depend on the likely sources of pollution.

They are most likely to be pathogens, agrochemicals and certain nutrients.


You must not do anything to pollute or degrade water resources.”

Emma Hockridge | Head of Policy (farming and land use) |Soil Association

|South Plaza, Marlborough Street, Bristol, BS1 3NX | 0117 914 2433 |


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